Huntington Beach affected by sewage spill

Sewage spill in California leaked in the Pacific ocean. Thousands of gallons of untreated water affected the water quality after a sewage spill in Huntington Beach. This incident caused the closing water-contact sports near Sunset Aquatic Marina and Portofino Cove Marina.

Ocean water quality affected

This is a water quality issue affecting the pacific ocean around the united state coast. In this case, as a result of the sewage spill, local officials have closed their water-contact sports. Meanwhile, authorities are monitoring the water quality to make sure it’s back to acceptable standards.

Water pollution from wastewater

Ecosystem receives our sewage. Since community of people produces wastewater, decision makers needs to consider the impact of our environment. Because it consists of a combination of greywater and blackwater, citizen should also be aware of they behavior. When considering that greywater comes from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and clothes washers, we have to realize that chemicals from soaps and detergents will be going in our waters. Worst, blackwater comes from toilets flushing away human waste and toilet paper in our lakes and rivers. Furthermore, most wastewater produced remains untreated. This is causing widespread water pollution. It is estimate that 90% of our wastewater generated is released into the environment untreated. Many developing countries have their domestic and industrial wastewater discharged without any treatment.

About water treatment

Before the 20th century, sewers usually discharged into a body of water such as a stream, river, lake, bay, or ocean. While there was no treatment, the breakdown of the human waste was left to the ecosystem. Today, the goal is to send sewer content to a wastewater treatment plant. In many countries, wastewater are directly sent to a body of water.

Approaches to sewage management may either include handling surface runoff separately from sewage. For example, handling greywater separately from blackwater (flush toilets). and coping better with abnormal events (such as peaks stormwater volumes from extreme weather). Proper collection and safe, nuisance-free disposal of the liquid wastes of a community are legally recognized as a necessity in an urbanized, industrialized society. Learn more about water treatment solutions.



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