Water pollution is not of the same degree in all parts of the world. Some areas are particularly notorious for excessive water pollution. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the most polluted water sources in the world.

Yamuna River, India

Water Pollution in India
Water Pollution in India

This river is filled with waste from the host city of Delhi. A great number of Delhi residents also depend on the polluted waters of this river for domestic use. They use it for washing, drinking, and cleaning.

There are claims that the water is polluted to a level that no water treatment plant may be able to make it safe for human use.

Yellow River, China

The Yellow River flows through seven provinces in China. These are Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, and Shandong. A number of industries – chemical factories included – empty their waste into the river.

This has made the water so toxic that it is now of little agricultural use.

Lake Karachay, Russia

This lake was previously used by the Soviet Union for dumping nuclear waste. Experts claim the radiation level in the lake is still at dangerous levels.

Ganges River, India

Polluted Ganges River in India
Polluted Ganges River in India

Although the Hindus hail it as a sacred river, a lot of domestic and industrial waste is dumped in this river.

Recall that the Ganges River is the world’s third-largest river, with a whopping consumption base of more than 2 billion humans. It is no wonder that even raw sewage is dumped into the river.

Ranipet, India

The major pollutant for this river is hexavalent chromium from the leather and tanning industries of Ranipet. This makes the water literally stink. Additionally, parameters like total dissolved solids, sulfates, chlorine, acidity, and hardness are all above the allowable limits

Sarno River, Italy

Grand Canal Rialto Venice Italy
Grand Canal Rialto Venice Italy

While the river starts from a clean source, numerous industries along its course have made it significantly polluted. Expert surveys estimate the number of industries that pollute the river at slightly over 500. The bulk of pollution comes from agricultural waste and waste from tanning factories.

Mississippi River, USA

The fact that this river flows through 10 states and 110 counties and parishes exposes it to lots of pollution. Agricultural runoff is the number one pollutant in this country. As such, the river is filled with millions of pounds of nitrates, benzene, arsenic, and mercury. Oil spillage has also been rampant in the river. Marine life has been considerably reduced.

The most water polluted country

India tops the list of the most water polluted countries worldwide. The country boasts of several rivers. The most polluted include Ganges River, Yamuna River, buddha Nulla River, Kolong River, Bhima River, Khan River, Kaali River, Noyaal River, and Agra River.

It is a fact that rivers remain the most dependable supply of fresh water. Therefore, you will find millions of residents using polluted water from the rivers.

At the Ganges river, the most unthinkable happens. There are reports of human bodies being dumped into the river after incineration. At the same time, pilgrims dip into the waters with the belief that it cleanses them from their sins.

The worst water pollution

Indonesia hosts the Citarum River. It is the largest and longest watercourse in the West Java region. As such, millions of Indonesia residents depend on it for daily use.

They use it for farming, fishing, and domestic chores. Industries also use the water to run their production processes. Three hydroelectric powerplants have been constructed along the river. Their combined output serves over 25 million residents.

Humans are the chief culprit of pollution in the river. Numerous textile industries located at various points along the river release toxic waste into the river. This includes sulfites and heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Expert estimates have it that 20,000 tons of waste and 340,000 tons of wastewater are released into the river every day.

As a result of his, about 60% of the fish population has been wiped out. The waters can no longer be safely used for agriculture. Rice farmers have been selling their land at throwaway prices to venture into other income-generating projects.

Wrapping it up

Humans remain the main cause of water pollution. Some do it out of sheer negligence while others do it as a means of survival.

Industries see dumping of wastes into rivers as a cheaper option as opposed to correctly treating their waste and dumping it to the designated areas. Some bribe the local authorities and are able to escape the arm of the law.

While there are efforts to curb water pollution in every country, culprits are doing all they can to work their way around the law. That is partly why pollution is still a problem at this point in time.

The journey to pollutant-free earth starts with you. Embrace integrity in all activities you undertake. The benefit is to you and the generations coming after you.